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We are pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2007 that we have a NEW Registered Website at
Maintenance on this website will be discontinued and our attentions given to the new.  Thanks for your continued loyalty.
- J. Durant
Managing Director
CERTELLUS the only PRESCRIBED solution for goal oriented IT enterprises.  Don't be tricked into using OVER-THE-COUNTER providers and expect fast and effective results.  Try CERTELLUS today and enjoy the relief that hundreds of others have experienced.

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We are pleased that you have arrived at our website.  Whether it's by intention or by chance consider it to be the first step of connection.  Please take the time to become familiar with us and then to take the next step by getting in contact.  You will find that there is a beauty in simplicity which yields substantial savings and bolsters quality.  Allow us to show you that this theme can be put to work for you under the most extreme circumstances and conditions.

Breaking Announcements...
Follow-the-SunAdded to family of Services.  In collaboration with TestAssure and member collaborative affiliates Certellus is pleased to offer global, end-to-end testing services.  When combined with specialized load, volume, web, stress, nationalization and full-functional testing disciplines client companies truly get an advanced look into what implementation will present, according to Managing Director Durant.  This service is ideal for companies operating globally but is equally beneficial for testing under tight time constraints, and companies that exist both in North America as well as elsewhere in the world. (November 21,2006)
TestAssure to join growing family of collaborative ventures.  TestAssure a leading test service company with offices in Longwood, Florida and Kyiv, Ukraine has entered into a working partnership with Certellus LLC based in Winter Springs, FL (November 21, 2006).  According to Managing Director Durant, "this continued collaborative expansion puts significant enterprise resources and cost savings at the fingertips of our clients".
ICL-KME CS added to growing list of qualified offshore service providers.  Effective November 21, 2007 a collaborative working agreement has been reached between ICL-KME CS and Certellus LLC to provide services to the Americas.  ICL-KME CS has a rich quality software engineering history and is heavily partnered with leading technology companies including Fijitsu.
Test Staff Resourcing to be Introduced in 2007.  Effective January 1, 2007 Certellus will be offering test staff resources.  Responding to market demands Certellus will solicit, screen, and provide industry specific resources to meet local needs.
2007 Rates Announced.  Despite continued and growing demand for services, rates for the calendar year 2007 will remain at 2006 levels.  According to Managing Director Durant, "We feel it's important to do our part to reduce project related stress issues by removing one variable, price.  This allows clients to concentrate on what is really important and to remain focused on that".
Test Automation Workshop (TAW).  Certellus LLC is been commissioned to develop a two day workshop for the American Society of Professional Education Technology (ASPE Technology) based in Cary, NC.  The program will be offered in mid-January 2007 and will be offered monthly.  For further information refer to ASPEs web site at - October 2006.
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Executive IT Valet (EITV) services announced.  Providing world-class leadership requires a firm business basis and with objective insight.  Totally confidential and competitvely priced with significant pre-customer discounts for related service requests.  Enrollment limited to IT Executive Management individuals (CEO/CIO/CTO), 25 companies,  minimum of CMMI3 required.  Contact us today to arrange a free onsite briefing and program detail benefits.   ... 2006, January
Collaborative Partnerships Announced.    Agreements have been struck between Certellus LLC and McCabe Software, and with RD Systems Inc. foremost authorities on DB2 technologies.  Refer to News 2006 and Collaborative Partnership page for further details. (01 February 2006)
Go Pro Management, of Needham, MA has been added to our growing list of Collaborative Partners.  Go Pro (est. 1982) has had a long running reputation for quality, results oriented training services (10 February 2006)
Stratgic Partner Alliance.  Tom & Kai Gilb, Trollåsen, Norway.  Internationally Recognized experts in progressive Software Engineering Practices.  Offering training and consulting, Certellus LLC is pleased to represent the Gilb's in the Americas.
DINET has become a strategic intellectual trading partner with Certellus LLC.  Refer to Strategic Partner Alliance page for appropriate web connection.  We are excited to work with DINET to expand the knowledge base of the DINET (Defense Industry Network - Netherlands) members. (10 February 2006)
Refer to NEWS (2007/06/05) for additional current announcements.

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