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Products & Services

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CERTELLUS LLC with operating divisions, Certifiable Technologies Ltd. (CTL) and  OutSourceIT!Solutions (OSITS) , provides software engineering support solutions.  Whether assessing, educating, or guiding a process we stand ready with our team of industry recognized experts.  Listed below are some of the services that we have provided to businesses around the globe.


*Follow-the-SunGlobal Testing Services
*Training - Software Evaluation (testing/inspections), Security, ERP, DB2, Automation Support Technology & Management Sciences

*Project Oversight Administration
*Management Orientation
  Executive IT Management Valet New!!!!

*OutSourcing Support
*Information Technology & Business Continuity Management
 (Disaster Recovery, Contingency Planning, HOT/COLD Site Design)
 (Information, Physical, Neuro/Cranial Processes, Embedded Systems)
  SOX Compliance and Risk Remediation (ERP & Legacy Systems)
  Private/Prominent Individual Information   Security Services New!!!!
  Certellus Online Security Framework (COSF) - Web based security framework
  SAP Transaction Remediation Methodology (STER)  New!!!!
  Object Oriented Tool Architecture (OOTA)
   Guardian for SAP
   Quickstart ERP
NOTE:  All products & services are registered and copyrighted properties of Certellus LLC

What Makes Us Unique:

* Results Based/Goal Driven

* Recognized Global IT Experts 

* Practical and Connected
* Leader in Hand-in-Hand Partnerships

operating div. Certifiable Technologies Ltd./OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC 
4200 Vanita Ct.* Winter Springs, FL  32708 * USA
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