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NEWS! ... 2006

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News from Around the World & Around the Corner...

December 3, 2006 - Executive Summary - Forrester surveyed vendors who conduct usability lab tests of digital and physical products like Web sites, desktop software applications, and mobile phones. We found that, on average, these vendors tested 13 users per engagement, conducted tests over the course of two to three weeks, and charged $20,000 or less for this work. But project size and cost varied widely, from small tests (five users for less than $5,000) to massive engagements (120 users for more than $100,000). What will change in 2007? Usability vendors expect increases in both demand and cost.  Additional statics available: Figure 1: Users Recruited Per Lab Test, Figure 2: Time Required To Conduct A Lab Test, Figure 3: Cost Per Lab Test, Figure 4: Firms Expect Demand And Cost To Rise In 2007.
November 2006  As part of a continued effort to provide quality resource bandwidth Managing Director Durant will be visiting with outsource providers and business leaders in the Caribbean.  The tour includes scheduled visitation with resources and client companies in the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Tortola, The Turks and Caicos.  According to Durant "the Caribben with it's close proximity, stable business climate and hidden wealth of technology talent is a rich, untapped resource".  Convenient to both North and South America the Caribbean offers both business as well as service opportunities, especially for support related services.
November 2006  An agreement has been established with TestAssure (Longwood, FL and Kyiv) to market, promote, deliver and provide technical skills to our client base (present and future).  Under this agreement we are taking bold steps to remain competitive, extend our capacity, and to provide unique delivery services that would not normally be available.  For further information contact either Certellus LLC (ref. to our website) or TestAssure
November 2006  An agreement has been reached between ICL-KME CS (Russia) and Certellus LLC to promote and support ICL-KME offshore services in the Americas.  ICL-KME CS has met the exacting software engineering standards, set by Certellus, as a pre-qualification for all engaged partners and collaborative entities.  ICL-KME CS has office across Russia and hold many strategic partnership with prominent technology companies, including Fijitsu.
November 2006  Test Staffing Services provided to select local markets effective January 2007.  Utilizing local talent with industry specific skills, keeps pricing competitive.  For more information or to be considered for possible candidancy contact Certellus directly.
November 2006  Pricing for 2007 remains unchanged from 2006 pricing levels.  Despite high demand for services Certellus believes that it makes good business to reduce one less worry from the list of things that a client must think about.  In addition to consistent 2007 pricing Certellus continues to offer flexible pricing options to fit client needs.
November 2006  YES!!! We are alive and well.  Mutual ventures, product development, and oh yes.... customer service delivery has occupied the large part of our time since January.  Many new and exciting announcement will be made as we enter into 2007.  Rest assured that our lack of displayed NEWS does not mean that we have disappeared.  That would be the farthest thing from the truth.  We have most recently been commissioned by ASPETech to produce a Test Automation Workshop offering.  This is a new updated version of the service offering previously provided through SQE.  The first event will be held in January and February 2007 (Columbus, OH and Washington, DC).  For more information or to register contact American Society of Professional Education at
January 2006   Let me be the first to say Happy New Year!  We look forward to 2006 and being of service to you our clients (existing or potential).  There are many new and exciting services which we will be introducing over the course of this year.  However, we remain true to our basic products and services as they are the ones that have provided unparalleled success for us all.  Once again Happy New Year and please let us know how we can continue to be of service.  - Jerry E. Durant, CSP, CQA, CSTE, CISA, CICS, Managing Director
January 2006  Certellus LLC is pleased to announce that new communication vehicles have been established for the express purposes of improved client project communications.  According to Managing Director, Jerry Durant "We have always relied on verbal and written communications as the base for effective client management.  Whether in person, over the phone, or email we remain in constant contact with our clients, on a 24/7 basis.  This initiative further enhances our communication abilities and includes both audio and web conferencing vehicles.".  Durant went on to say that while these changes are an important part of product quality that they are no subsitute for face-to-face contact.
January 2006 - White Paper "A Plethora of Panaceas" added.
February 2006 - Executive IT Valet (EITV) service offering introduced.  According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, this offering goes beyond simple information sharing services by providing a vehicle for senior executives to get personalized corporate attention.  Whether it's a specific technology, opportunity research or acquiring a much needed highly sought after resource EITV stands ready (totally confidential and proprietary).  Durant said, "It's better than information, it's providing delivery of a need".  Utilizing a network of over 100 world-wide specialist we reach out and get the job done in the shortest amount of time possible with a high level of goal satisfaction.
February 2006  Managing Director, Jerry Durant announced today the signing of agreements with McCabe Software, a leading software engineering tool provider and RD Systems Inc., foremost authority on DB2 solutions.  These two agreements signify our continued efforts to bring the best of breed to our customer base.  Utilizing strategic partners it is our intent to fill in the gaps where others might leave off. 
Certellus LLC will be providing independent training services, and pre/post sales support for clients of McCabe Software.   According to Durant, "we bring to the table an independent & objective position allowing clients to focus on solutions".  McCabe's enjoys recognition as a Platium Collaborative Partner.
Certellus LLC is also pleased to announce a Collaborative Partnership with RD Systems Inc. (Ron Devine), specialists in DB2 technologies.  Ron is well known for his consulting and training expertise as it relates to this domain space.  With over 12 course offerings and 30 years of experience Ron and company brings the best of the best to DB2 related needs.
Both partners can be reached via email or websites.
February 2006 Managing Director, Jerry E. Durant will be conducting a three day training event on SAP R/3 Controls & Configuration in Los Angeles for ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association). 
February 2006 Another collaborative partnership has been formed with Go Pro Management, a leading provider of training services for the quality and software testing disciplines.  Established in 1982 Go Pro Management of Needham, MA is lead by Robin Goldsmith, JD.  According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, "I have known Robin for a number of years and I am honored to have him be a part of our list of collaborative partners.  With the addition of Go Pro Management we further our depth of delivery to our clients".
February 2006  Certellus LLC is pleased to announce the striking of an agreement with Tom & Kai Gilb to represent their organization in the Americas.  Through this agreement Certellus LLC will represent the Gilbs in both educational and consulting offerings. 
In addition, Certellus LLC has also formed an alliance with DINET for the sharing of intelluctual services.  DINET is located in the Nederlands and serves the Defense community.
March 2006 (10th)  Managing Director Jerry E. Durant will be presenting a session on "Testing Applications for Integrity" at the Tampa/Clearwater Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)

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