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News from Around the World & Around the Corner...

March 2005  Certifiable Technologies Ltd./OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC (Orlando) has entered into a merger agreement with a major information security firm, also located in Central Florida,  to explore collaboration and merger potential opportunities for both companies.  The combined effort would offer clients an additional level of service under a single organization structure.  Managing Director Jerry Durant states, "in today's market we are constantly asked to provide services which we do not have the capacity to deliver.  Often we refer business to known, reputable expert providers.  Because of growing demand for security and control related services we believe the possiblity for collaboration and eventual merger will be to the long term benefit of our clients as well as those of our companion company".
April 2005 Negotiations are being finalized with outsourcing organization in Indonesia, China, India and the Ukraine.  These companies represent some of the best of breed and rival Eastern software enterprises in both software engineering process and talent.  All companies have gone throught a screening and qualification process according to Managing Director Durant.  OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC serves as a facilitator and placement service.  Client projects are qualified, and matched to potential outsource organizations.  OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC also works to support clients in understanding the domain space and to help with "on the ground" project management.  With an extensive history of outsource support OSITS stands in an authoritative position to support and cultivate a successful project initiative.
May 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant has been invited as a guest delegate at the STAR2005 (Software Test/Analysis/Review) Conference held in Orlando, FL.  The conference is hosted by Software Quality Engineering.
May 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant, CTL/OSITS will be in Brussels teaching a SAP Introduction Class to familiarize clients with the control, security and control asepcts of the globally recognized ERP application.  The program is offered through MIS Training Institute.
May 2005  Discussions are underway to establish a mid-Atlantic office to handle the growing needs for support in this region.  The office will be located in Wilmington, NC and will open in late fall 2005.
May 2005  Oracle expertise has been added to the pool of skill based services available to CTL/OSITS clients.  We now offer training, evaluation, support, and tuning for clients using Oracle DB services.  CTL/OSITS Oracle services are provided through our Northeast office.
June 2005  Managing Director Jerry Durant will be in New York as an instructor for the newly introduced Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques (CAAT) program.  The course discusses the use of automated tool technology and it's application in such ERP applications as SAP and PeopleSoft environments.
June 2005  Managing Director Jerry Durant is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between Certifiable Technologies Ltd./OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC and Outsourcing-Ukraine (Sevastopol) to form a strategic alliance.  Under the agreement Certifiable Technologies will work with clients in the US and Europe to facilitate projects being engineered by Outsourcing-Ukraine.  According to Durant, "we are excited to be a part of this arrangement and know that by helping client companies to realize their project goals that everyone is a winner."
July 2005  NEWS FLASH  Jerry Durant, Managing Director is pleased to announce the formation of CERTELLUS LLC, the culmination of merger discussions with a major security service provider based in Central Florida that started back in early 2005.  "I'm elated with this new enterprise." stated Durant.  "We not only offer a broader range of services, and ones that are logically connected, but the depth of service is unparalled in the industry."   Certifiable Technologies Ltd. and OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC will continue to operate as divisions of CERTELLUS LLC.
July 2005  Sun Microsystems has granted CERTELLUS LLC and it's operating subsidiaries use of the Sun Microsystems logo.  This is granted as a result of services provide in support of Sun Microsystems customers and direct service to Sun Microsystems in California. 
July 2005  Certellus LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of private information security engineering.  Based on it's iron clad security assessment and hardening technology employed by major corporations around the world it has now been packaged for those individuals who have a special need for information protection.  According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, the services are designed for prominent individuals (entertainers, high ranking government officials, senior corporate executives) who need protection beyond the traditional firewall and password vehicles.  "We approach each engagement with the highest degree of confidentiality, in a very discrete fashion, and make sure that whether the technologies are fixed based, mobile or a combination thereof that each and every segment is covered in detail".  For further information and a confidential quote contact Certellus LLC for further information.
August 2005  Jerry E. Durant announced the creation and release of the landmark Certellus LLC Online Security Framework (COSF).  COSF embodies many of the things that a global (or small) company needs in terms of online security administration.  The basic framework includes policies, standards, procedures, risk management, training, 'hot topics', ALERTS!, and reference resource repository.  COSF is fully customizeable and can include sockets for web publishing of monitoring reports and control panels for access to security and testing tools.  According to Durant, "We believe that electronic, online security management is the cornerstone to effective security management.  Paper formats and disconnected administration is simply ineffective."  COSF can be delivered organization wide and can be secured to a few or as many as desired.  For further information contact Certellus utilizing the 'contact us' request system on this website.
August 2005 Throught the ongoing work and research of Certellus LLC (and it's operating subsidaries) a new approach to tool support has been developed.  OOTA™ (Object Oriented Tool Architecture) framework has been constructed.  Utilizing the test tool categorization developed by Jerry E. Durant back in the mid-1990s it has been expanded to encompass the technology (classifications) as poised against the task with which it is to serve.  This framework allows for a more comprehensive understanding of task objectives, rather than looking at tool capability.  According to Durant, "for years engineers have struggled with trying to understand what the technology presented and failed to fully understand what the job they were trying to do.  OOTA helps us meet both objectives, but more importantly it is target for organizations who simply want to accomplish something in an efficient manner, using tools."  The use of OOTA™ can be applied to all software engineering disciplines (software engineering, metrics, testing, security, quality management and monitoring).  For additional information contact Certellus LLC. 
September 2005 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT  So much has happened in the last month, some things locally, others regional but all these impact us Globally.  On the local front the destruction in the mid-South, the nationwide gas prices, and strife/discontent throughtout the world are a few significant issues that we face.  In order to do our part we realize that wherever you are located that high prices are impacting you.  Projects that should be done are being put on the back burner, and even if projects are still a foremost priority the rising cost of fuels are making travel expenses prohibitive.  To do our part we are offering 10% off all published rates and proposed fixed rate contracts (does not apply to any proposal in process as of 08-31-2005).  In addition, we will work very hard to do as much as possible remotely and over the internet.  Obviously not everything can be done in this fashion but this is a time when we need to be innovative.  Our humanitarian discount offer is valid through the end of 2005.  According to Managing Director Durant, "We are sincere in helping companies, communities and individuals to keep moving ahead.  Depending on circumstance we will entertain further discounts into 2006."  Contact us to day and start the discussions.  All open  proposals that are in process as of year end 2005 will still receive the humanitarian discount if contracted for in 2006.
October 2005  Certellus LLC has relocated it's offices to 4200 Vanita Court, Winter Springs, FL  32708.  According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, this relocation is the final step our short range plan to provide a stable operating base from which to service our clients.  Please note this change in all future correspondence.
October 2005 North to Alaska!  Certellus LLC is participating in an implementation evaluation of SAP for a major telecommunication company.  We can continue to be reached via phone/cell or email during this period of engagement.
November 2005 - Don't forget to sign-up to attend the 25th Annual Conference on Control & Audit of Information Technology sponsored by MIS Training (11/15-17).  For registration contact them at 508.879.7999 or  Certellus LLC will be presenting a one day seminar on WebSphere - Auditing/Evaluation In-Depth.  Also Managing Director Jerry Durant will be conducting a 4 day SAP Basis Auditing class in London.  For further information contact Certellus using the Inquiry Form contained in this website.
November 2005 - WANTED  Looking for "Best of Breed Companies" to be profiled for the purposes of building a guide on how to succeed with limited resources (time/money/people) and still produce quality deliverables.  Is it process or is it effective intent?  This is but one question that is being explored.  Managing Director Jerry Durant has examined new and innovative technologies.  In his words, "Solutions today are unique but fall short in many respects, not the least of which is system qualify improvement.  Often the new technique, tool, or approach simply avoids doing the right job.  The price that is paid is often borne in later process events, just as system sustainment."  For further information or to participate in the 'Best of Breed' project contact Certellus LLC.
November 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant has announced the introduction of a new service offering in support ERP Security.  The initial offering is GUARDIAN for SAP, a remote monitoring service that supports clients with limited personnel that are available to conduct ongoing security monitoring.  Via remote GUARDIAN for SAP™ monitor Certellus LLC conducts both periodic regular and random examinations of client configurations, use and areas of potential.  GUARDIAN for SAP™ is designed for small to medium sized organizations that desire a solution to address segregation of duties, broadened security monitoring and a means to improve internal control practices.  The service offering also includes, periodic scorecard reports, annual onsite visitation, and discounted training services.  For more information about GUARDIAN for SAP™ contact Certellus LLC using the inquiry page or by direct email or phone.
November 2005  Managing Director Jerry Durant has announced QUICKSTART ERP™ a program designed for auditors and security personnel to get working effectively and rapidly in the new ERP environment.  According to Durant, "we see literally hundreds of clients seeks answers, receiving quality training, returning to their companies and still stalled at getting started, QUICKSTART ERP™ is designed to move the concepts into use."  Using principals learned, and activities that they have been engaged in QUICKSTART ERP™ involves one week (min.) of onsite, side-by-side work to get the group moving towards an effective and sustainable relationship with the ERP application.  Presently QUICKSTART ERP™ is offered for all major systems and those being introduced.  Certellus LLC has a long history of services to those involved with ERP application introduction and ongoing assessment (SAP, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards...).  For further information contact Certellus LLC.
December 2005 Mr. Durant will be conducting a three day Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques (tools) program in San Francisco the 5th through the 7th.  For further information contact CertellusLLC or the course sponsor MIS Training.
December 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant has been recognized and awarded the designation of Certified Internal Control Specialist (CICS) by the Internal Control Institute.  The CICS designation was introduced this year and acknowledges competency and experience in the area of internal control assessment, design and implementation.


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