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Sample Engagements

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Listed below are example engagements that we have conducted.  It is our practice to utilize industry recognized experts who can address a project with authority, understanding and objectivity.

* Global Software Maintenance Practice Study
* Development, Design & Implementation of High Impact Inspection
* FDA Expert Testimony - Medical Device(s)
* Review of Software and Test Engineering Practices
* Systematic Software Testing Training
* Test Automation Evaluation and Guidance
* Global Review Business Continuity - Prominent Telecom Provider
* Offshore Outsourcing - Placement, Oversight and Evaluation
* Venture Capital Placement & Candidate Examinations
* Critical System Product Engineering Oversight
* Commercial Software Evaluations (vendor/producer)
* Standards Development - Corporate & Industry Participation
* Vulnerability Evaluation
* Risk Based IT Security Assessment
* Fiscal Recovery/Turnaround Project
* Operational Process Redesign and Deployment
* Security and Risk Assessment - Major Credit Card Processor
* Technical Training in ERP Security & Controls - Internationally &
* Private (Individual) Info. Security Hardening for fixed & mobile
   based technology resources
* Specialized ERP training (SAP/PeopleSoft/JDEdwards) provide
   publically and for in-house engagements
* SAP Implementation Review (Segregation of Duties & Security)
* SAP BASIS Audits

No matter how big or small, simple or diverse, domestic or international we stand ready with proven ability to deliver the services that you need and in the timeframes that you expect!

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